Crochet Braids using bob marley hair


Crochet Braids using bob marley hair

This is one of my favorite quick and easy styles. Hair can be purchased at any Sally’s beauty supply
store. music by Dan-O at
Author: nellybly212
Published: 03/20/2013 11:00:09 PM
Duration: 01m:24s

Protective Style: Marley Twist

Author: ariqt411
Published: 03/11/2013 5:17:30 PM
Duration: 06m:32s

Rasta Hair w| Wand Curls (-___-) on Instagram

any questions ? my bad for my elbow being in the way.
Author: cookiedotbomb
Published: 02/24/2013 7:07:28 PM
Duration: 02m:48s

mico braid with extension hair

New hair style this week I will teach you how to braid your own hair with extensions Items Needed: (Any
brand will do your preference) Human Hair Deep Bulk B…
Author: Antoinette Young
Published: 02/23/2013 10:56:12 AM
Duration: 29m:11s

Marley Fren Hair dryer

Author: breebrigitte
Published: 02/20/2013 11:32:18 PM
Duration: 10s

NEW HAIR- ThatHairCompany & Honey Hand

READ ME Hair: Virgin Brazilian loose wavy 2x 16, 1x 14 and a 14 lace closure
Honey hand hair salon:…
Author: WhatDawnDidInHeels
Published: 02/17/2013 11:15:05 AM
Duration: 07m:05s


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